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From Pucks to Bars, Boston Native, TJ Hickey, Lines Up the Shots with His New Single “All on Me” feat. Sammy Adams

Grab a quarantini, kick back, relax, and put TJ Hickey’s new single “All on Me” feat. Sammy Adams on repeat. Seriously. You won’t be disappointed. Produced and engineered by Nox Beatz, the steel drum undertones will have you itching to book a flight (or two) to an island. During these dark times, TJ and Sammy were able to shed light on thousands of fans by releasing their new hit single with feel good vibes. 

TJ Hickey Enters the Music Industry

The release of “All on Me” isn’t TJ’s first rodeo when it comes to releasing music. In 2013, Hickey released one of his first singles titled “Make You Proud”. At that time, Hickey was recently cut from his college hockey team and started writing music as a hobby. “I had a lot of free time on my hands and it was fun to pass the time with and keep my mind off losing hockey. At 23 years-old I dropped my first ever mixtape and then from there it kept going and going to eventual country wide tours and two more albums and hundreds of singles.”


TJ’s story reminds me of Mike.’s (formerly known as Mike Stud). While Mike. was recovering from Tommy John surgery, he turned to music. It’s incredible to hear that during trying times both TJ and Mike. were able to take a negative situation and turn it into a positive situation. I’d love to hear TJ and Mike. chop it up in the studio in the near future.  

The Making of “All on Me” 

On December 27, 2019, TJ opened for Sammy at the Paradise Rock Club in Boston, Massachusetts. It was at this show “All on Me” took its first steps. “We performed in Boston together and I showed him the record I thought would be perfect for him and we went from there. The idea of the song is that one special night where you have the people you love around you. The vibe is right and you want to take everyone out. It’s an ode to our youth. I think as we're getting older, we're not as carefree as we used to be. We worry about saving for the future, etc. You need to find those nights where you don't worry about anything and enjoy the "now," says Hickey. 


In a recent convo I had with TJ, he said that he wrote the lyrics to “All on Me” pretty quick. Once the lyrics were written, it was time to hit the studio with Nox Beatz to lay down vocals. TJ has been working with Nox Beatz for a little over 5 years. Nox has worked and continues to work with some of the hottest names in the music industry such as Chris Webby, Joyner Lucas, and Token

Ironically, even before TJ opened for Sammy at the Paradise Rock Club, both artists attended Trinity College in Hartford, Connecticut. During their time at Trinity College, Hickey studied anthropology, and Adams studied political science. Adams attended Trinity a few years before Hickey. During his time at Trinity, Sammy played on the school’s soccer team. While playing for Trinity, Sammy tallied 11 goals and 11 assists. In 2008, Sammy led his soccer team in points. As Sammy raps in his record “Checkmark” ~ “If I didn't spit, then I'd probably be in FIFA”. 

Hickey’s Next Tracks

I had the chance to chop it up with TJ a few days ago prior to the release of this blog. We talked about the incredible response from his fans following the release of “All on Me”. In under 48 hours the music video has garnered over 3,000 organic views. It’s safe to say this new record is a new fan-favorite and will most definitely be the summer 2020 anthem. 

During his time in quarantine, TJ has written over 10 new songs. While Hickey loves to record his own music, he has a passion to write songs for other artists. “I think I'm best set up to be a writer but will always make my own music. I'll be releasing more music in the coming weeks.”

Fader Plugs is excited to support TJ throughout his music career. We're most excited to see him and Sammy perform "All on Me" LIVE at their next show. If you're a frequent concertgoer like me and you find that your ears are ringing afterwards, that’s a sign you should check out Fader Plugs to manage the volume and protect your hearing.     


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