Function Meets Fashion in Hearing Protection


Blaise Delfino

Blaise Delfino
CEO / Founder

Blaise Delfino is the CEO and Founder of Fader Plugs, LLC. Blaise thought of the Fader Plugs concept while running on the beach in Long Beach Island in summer of 2015. He embarked on a mission to refashion the perception of hearing devices. He, and Team Fader have won two business plan competitions including the 2017 TecBRIDGE Business Plan Competition. Since the initial development of Fader Plugs, Blaise has put together an advisory board, and added more team players to his business dynamic. He grew up with the influence of hearing healthcare practitioners with his father being a Doctor of Audiology, and his mother being a Pennsylvania licensed hearing healthcare specialist. The family currently owns Audiology Services, LLC, of which Blaise, upon undergraduate completion, decided to work and develop his business skills. He studied to receive his certification as a Pennsylvania Hearing Healthcare Specialist. Blaise later graduated from East Stroudsburg University in Spring 2017 and was commencement speaker. He completed his Master’s of Science in Speech Language Pathology. Aside from thriving in business, and progressing as a young entrepreneur, Blaise is a musician; he plays the piano and acoustic guitar. As a practitioner of creativity and artistic production, he creates and continues to create his own music. Blaise’s audio engineering career led him to successfully produce a number of songs, including the iTunes charting hit, “First” feat. Blaise Delfino.

Outside of the business world, Blaise loves to read. He finds it imperative to work on yourself harder than you work on your business. He preaches, and practices personal development; utilizes the law of attraction in his daily life, attends networking events, and enjoys his hobbies of photography and video editing. He enjoys going to the gym and spending time with his family and friends. Blaise is a Lehigh Valley local and is adamant about being a part of the community’s business development efforts; he has recently joined the Greater Lehigh Valley Chamber of Commerce.


Dr. Gregory Delfino
President / Founder

Dr. Gregory Delfino is the President and Founder of Fader Plugs, LLC. Dr. Delfino is Blaise’s father and further conceptualized the Fader Plug, as far as design, structure, and functionality. His educational credentials and thirty plus years in the field of audiology warrants Dr. Delfino as an expert in the field, able to diagnose hearing deficits, communicate treatments and instruct on hearing preservation methods. Dr. Delfino received his Bachelor’s of Science in Political Science from Seton Hall University, and then completed his Master’s of Science in Audiology from Montclair State University. He finalized his education in receiving his Doctorate in Audiology from the Arizona School of Health Sciences, a division of Kirksville College of Osteopathic Medicine. He is board certified and licensed to practice Audiology in New Jersey and Pennsylvania. Dr. Delfino has worked in major medical centers and private otolaryngology practices in New Jersey and Pennsylvania. He began his career at The United Children’s Hospital in Newark, NJ. He then worked at St. Joseph’s Regional Medical Center in Paterson, NJ, as well as the Hunterdon

Medical Center in Hunterdon, NJ. He now works at Lehigh Valley Hospital in Bethlehem, PA. Dr. Delfino, along with his wife, Cheryl Delfino, a certified Pennsylvania Hearing Healthcare Specialist, own Audiology Services, LLC with offices in Nazareth, PA and Bethlehem, PA. Audiology Services, LLC is a family owned and operated facility where patients come for comprehensive hearing assessments, aural rehabilitation, and for appropriate hearing amplification in the case of a hearing deficit. They also offer tinnitus management, cerumen removal, live speech mapping, and offer cell phone accessories and conduct hearing aid repairs. The business has been servicing patients of the Lehigh Valley for almost eighteen years, while also servicing local senior living homes.

Dr. Delfino enjoys working on cars, attending car shows and listening to music. He loves to spend time with his family, play with his two dogs, Dominic and Tannon, and is enjoying the experience as a first-time grandfather.

Pete Theodoropoulos
Vice President / Founder

Pete Theodoropoulos is the Vice President and Co-Founder of Fader Plugs, LLC. Pete and Blaise met in fall of 2014 and by Spring of 2016, Pete was a part of the Fader Plugs team and continues to deliver in all areas of business expertise; from sales, business to business planning, networking and connections, to mentorship and support for the new business venture. Pete is a prominent young entrepreneur in the Lehigh Valley and has received his Associate in Applied Science in Culinary Arts as well as his Associate in Applied Science in Hotel and Restaurant Hospitality Management from Northampton Area Community College. Pete, also a Lehigh Valley local, is most recognized by his ownership of the Nazareth Diner; a 24-hour operating diner, complete with breakfast served all day and a full bar. In 2015, Pete purchased the diner from his father, John, after 23 years of ownership. In 2012, the diner underwent a complete renovation; In 2015 Pete decided to create the Galleria Ballroom addition. Through his business savvy and work ethic, Pete has developed multiple businesses including, the Xpresso Café and the Modern Mosaics Gallery. The café features Nespresso beverages, smoothies, Arabic brewed coffee, teas, pastries, desserts, soups and paninis. Modern Mosaics Gallery features many pieces of handcrafted hanging works utilizing a 4,000 year old art form and medium of expression. The pieces are crafted by master artisans to client specifications.

Aside from his long workweeks and plotting his next business venture, Pete enjoys spending time with his family and fiancée. Pete likes international travel, cooking, and frequenting the jersey shore for small getaways. Pete, a native of Greece and fluent language speaker, has large familial ties to the country. Him and his family from the states frequently vacation to his homeland.