Blaise Delfino

CEO / Founder

Blaise Delfino is the CEO and Founder of Fader Plugs, LLC. Blaise thought of the Fader Plugs concept while running on the beach in Long Beach Island in summer of 2015. He embarked on a mission to refashion the perception of hearing devices. He, and Team Fader have won two business plan competitions including the 2017 TecBRIDGE Business Plan Competition. Since the initial development of Fader Plugs, Blaise has put together an advisory board, and added more team players to his business dynamic. He grew up with the influence of hearing healthcare practitioners with his father being a Doctor of Audiology, and his mother being a Pennsylvania licensed hearing healthcare specialist. The family currently owns Audiology Services, LLC, of which Blaise, upon undergraduate completion, decided to work and develop his business skills. He studied to receive his certification as a Pennsylvania Hearing Healthcare Specialist. Blaise later graduated from East Stroudsburg University in Spring 2017 and was commencement speaker. He completed his Master’s of Science in Speech Language Pathology. Aside from thriving in business, and progressing as a young entrepreneur, Blaise is a musician; he plays the piano and acoustic guitar. As a practitioner of creativity and artistic production, he creates and continues to create his own music. Blaise’s audio engineering career led him to successfully produce a number of songs, including the iTunes charting hit, “First” feat. Blaise Delfino.

Outside of the business world, Blaise loves to read. He finds it imperative to work on yourself harder than you work on your business. He preaches, and practices personal development; utilizes the law of attraction in his daily life, attends networking events, and enjoys his hobbies of photography and video editing. He enjoys going to the gym and spending time with his family and friends. Blaise is a Lehigh Valley local and is adamant about being a part of the community’s business development efforts; he has recently joined the Greater Lehigh Valley Chamber of Commerce.