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A Helluva Night with Boston's Boy, Sammy Adams

Last month, I had one of the best nights of my life at the Sammy Adams show at the iconic Stone Pony in New Jersey. I’ve been a fan of Sammy’s since 2010 and I first saw him perform in New York City in 2011. My favorite song is “All Night Longer” – but “I Hate College” is right there and was always on repeat before every 8 a.m. class in college. Today, “I Hate College” has garnered over 12 million views on YouTube and Sammy has a string of other killer hits. 

Reaching Out to Sammy

When we founded our hearing solutions company, Fader Plugs, one of our goals was to fit musicians and audio engineers with custom noise management and custom in-ear performance monitors. Musicians and audio engineers depend on their sense of hearing to continue to do what they love. Sammy was always an artist that we wanted to fit with our hearing healthcare solutions so he can continue to release fantastic music for years to come.

I recently reached out to Sammy on Instagram and told him that our team would be attending his show. We connected and had an opportunity to discuss what his experience had been with hearing protection and in-ear-monitors. Following our conversation, Sammy put us in contact with his manager, Matty Arsenault, founder and CEO of Reclaim Music Group. Matty was receptive to our company’s vision and granted our team permission to take ear impressions of Sammy’s ears to build a custom set of Fader Plugs for noise management and in-ear-monitors for performance management.

Time to Meet Sammy Adams and His Team 

Two of my best friends and business colleagues, Pete Theo and Tiago Soares joined me on our Stony Pony adventure. When we arrived, we met up with Benny Wisner aka B-Wiz, Sammy’s brother. Kid’s a legend. Benny was extremely accommodating and escorted us to the Green Room where Sammy was hanging out with his team prepping for the show. Sammy and his team embraced us with open arms. 

Once introductions were made, Sammy took a seat and I started to prep my ear impression tools and material. The ear impression process took about fifteen minutes. While I was taking Sammy’s ear impressions, we had the chance to chop it up about the importance of overall hearing healthcare as a musician.

"As an artist I depend on my hearing to create music. Without my sense of hearing, I would be unable to continue to do what I love. I'm excited to work with Team Fader and join their mission to raise awareness of hearing healthcare, specifically in the music industry." - Sammy Adams                                                    

Before our team packed up, Benny gave each of us a band pass to stand on the side of the stage; Tiago used the opportunity to take the photos/video during Sammy’s set that are part of this blog. When Sammy first got on stage the crowd went wild. Our team did as well – not going to lie. Sammy opened his set with fan favorite “Comin’ Up” followed by a few of his other hits: “LA Story” feat. Mike Posner, “All Night Longer”, “Driving Me Crazy”, “Talking to Myself”, and his newest hit single, “Yea Yea” – that song is bad ass. Seriously. 

Sammy’s Fader Plug and In-Ear-Monitor Fitting

After Sammy’s set, we went back to the Green Room to celebrate a successful show. When the night came to a close, our team thanked Sammy and his team for an incredible night. While our team had a blast, our work had just begun. 

Sammy is scheduled to visit the Fader Plugs Headquarters located in Stroudsburg, PA in early February. A follow-up video blog will be released after Sammy is fit with his custom Fader Plugs and in-ear-monitors. Being a fan of Sammy’s music and now having the opportunity to work with his team on hearing healthcare solutions is awesome. 

Hearing is a gift. If you are a frequent concert goer like me and you find that your ears are ringing afterwards, that’s a sign you should check out Fader Plugs to manage the volume and protect your hearing. Hearing loss is everyone’s problem - not just our parents and grandparents.     

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